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  • 30 hours
  • 8900 Stateline Road - Suite 450

Service Description

Candidates for Ketamine infusions are individuals who have tried several traditional medications to treat their severe depression with no satisfactory relief. WHAT IS KETAMINE? Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been used surgically for decades. However, nearly 20 years ago researchers discovered that Ketamine could improve mood much faster than traditional antidepressant drugs, and it works when many other drugs have failed. Although researchers are not sure exactly how Ketamine works to treat depression, it does work in a mechanism completely different from typical antidepressants that focus on the Serotonin system. Ketamine via IV works on Glutamate receptors which work faster and can provide a more rapid response for the patient. For suicidal patients, this can be life-saving. Many times patients report relief within hours or days of the infusion. However, additional infusions are necessary over the following 5 weeks to encourage the longest lasting benefit.

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(913) 276-4825

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