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Getting Started

  1. When making the decision to start a website in my own name, I thought about what my goals, my expectations would be for the new endeavor.  As physicians, we are busy enough.  How could I reach more people?  What would I say?  What do current and prospective patients want to hear? One of patients’ biggest complaints about their interactions with their physicians is the lack of time to ask questions, to be educated about their disease and its treatment. I am resolved to make this website a vehicle for providing information that will assist patients (and families) in advancing their understanding of the conditions I treat. Educated patients and families are better able to improve their condition, and doctors who educate are better doctors. Additionally, I want this site to facilitate access to both this physician and Psychiatry Associates of KC in general.  I want to hear suggestions for topics I can address in the future. Finally, I acknowledge that in order to help more patients, I need to make it easier for them to seek care, and I believe this website will help patients looking for a geriatric and adult psychiatrist find one. Welcome!

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