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A little about me - and the practice

  1. Most patients have some degree of interest in knowing a little more about their physician than where he went to school.  Many physicians are of the opinion that any personal information shared begins to blur the boundaries between patient and provider.   I have found that I can better build a therapeutic alliance when patients have some sense of who I am, what I like.

  2. I’m a Kansas City native, a University of Kansas graduate for college, medical school, and residency.  I’m married, have three sons, two great daughters in law, and several grandchildren.   I’m an unabashed sports fan, I read widely, and am a ‘dog guy.’  I enjoy working in the yard and doing a variety of home projects.  I look forward every month to a poker evening with friends I’ve had for decades. I dabble in BBQ, endeavoring to improve my ‘product’ with each and every cook.

  3. I joined a group in 1990 that was identified only by the names of its current psychiatrists. In ’91, the physicians decided on a new name- Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City.  PAKC has grown over the years to 14 psychiatrists.  Our group treats the entire age spectrum.  For many years I was involved in inpatient psychiatric work at several area hospitals.  I now run a geriatric psychiatry unit at Cameron Regional Medical Center, where I see patiens three times a week, and see office patients in Leawood.  I see seniors at a nursing home in Olathe.  In the office, approximately 60 % of patients I see are over 65, and the remainder are adult age.

    PAKC is located at 8900 State Line Road, in Leawood Kansas

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